The Ultimate Guide to travel to Puerto Rico: Travel Tips

Puerto Rico Islands

With its intoxicating blend of vibrant culture, dramatic landscapes, and laidback island vibes, Puerto Rico is an adventure-lover’s dream. From bioluminescent bays to world-class surfing beaches, this Caribbean jewel offers endless opportunities for fun and excitement. That’s the reason travel to Puerto Rico is on everyone’s bucket list.

Planning a trip soon? This comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know to experience the best of “La Isla del Encanto” (The Island of Enchantment). Follow our tips for a truly unforgettable escape filled with wonder, adrenaline, delicious food, and plenty of classic Puerto Rican hospitality.

Puerto Rico Islands

Why Puerto Rico Should Be Your Next Destination

Before diving into the activities, here’s a quick primer on why you should choose Puerto Rico for your upcoming getaway:

-Explorer’s paradise – with tropical rainforests, unique rock formations, cenotes, bioluminescent bays, and hidden island coves, Puerto Rico packs a ton of natural wonders into its small size. New sights await around every turn.

-World-class beaches – miles of picturesque shores with golden sand, rolling waves, and postcard-worthy backdrops. Especially the beaches along the northwest coast.

-Adventure hub – ziplining through the trees, rappelling down waterfalls, hiking through the lush jungle – Puerto Rico has endless active pursuits. Test your courage and skills.

-Surf’s up – with swells coming off the Atlantic, spots like Rincón deliver some of the best surfing in the Americas. Hang ten if you can.

-Snorkel fantasia – transparent waters reveal colorful reefs swarming with tropical fish. The snorkeling options are world-class.

-Party central – Puerto Ricans know how to have fun, with festivals and nightlife that sizzle with Latin flavor. Dance the night away.

-Local hospitality – warmth and grace are valued here. Expect welcoming smiles and an inviting espíritu.

-Cuisine paradise – enjoy mouthwatering criolla food, rum cocktails, and fresh tropical fruits. An edible escape.

-Vibrant history – Old San Juan’s cobblestoned streets are lined with Spanish colonial buildings full of stories. Experience living history.

Convinced yet? Then buckle up and get ready for the Puerto Rican adventure of a lifetime!

When to Visit Puerto Rico

First, let’s cover the ideal times to visit this sun-kissed Caribbean island. Puerto Rico enjoys a warm tropical climate all year, but certain seasons offer benefits:

  • Winter (December to April) – The busy high season for tourism. Expect more crowds and higher prices, but also warm weather, low rain chances, festive events, and open amenities.
  • Spring (March to May) – Temperatures are rising, and rains pick up, but fewer tourists, cheaper rates, and blooming wildflowers.
  • Summer (June to August) – Peak temps and humidity, but beach season kicks off and hotels run discounts to attract summer break travelers.
  • Fall (September to November) – The hurricane season peaks, but the weather is nice and crowds thin again after Labor Day. Lower costs make up for possible storms.

Aim for the winter and spring for an ideal climate, or scoop up summer/fall deals if you don’t mind heat, rain, or hurricanes. The highlight festivals and events happen around winter and spring too.

No matter when you travel to Puerto Rico, the islands offer warm tropical weather and plenty of things to do. Just come prepared with proper gear – light clothing, swimsuits, sun protection, sweat-wicking gear for the interior, bug spray, and quick-dry accessories for water fun.

Now, onto the highlights…

Top Things To Do and See in Puerto Rico

I know what you’re thinking – how do I choose what to do in Puerto Rico with so much awesomeness on one island? Well don’t you worry, I’ve got you covered on all of Puerto Rico’s must-see sights and attractions:

1. Bioluminescent Bays – Magical Glowing Waters

One of Puerto Rico’s most mystical experiences is seeing the otherworldly glow of its bioluminescent bays at night. These natural wonders contain millions of microscopic dinoflagellates that emit a blue-green neon light when the water is agitated.

Bioluminescence Bay In Puerto Rico showing glowing magical waters

Several bays around Puerto Rico have bioluminescent qualities, but the very best is Mosquito Bay (also called Bio Bay or Phosphorescent Bay) located on the tiny island of Vieques off the east coast.

Here’s the scoop for making the bioluminescent magic happen:

  • Only a limited number of tour operators have legal access to Mosquito Bay. Book ahead online or through your hotel concierge. No private access is allowed.
  • Tours run nightly, but there must be a new moon and clear skies for ideal viewing. Darker nights cause the microorganisms to glow brighter.
  • Rates run $50-80 per person. Multi-hour tours by electric boat, kayak, or clear canoe allow you to enjoy the full glowing spectacle.

As your vessel glides through the water, trailing neon through the darkness, be wowed by one of nature’s most incredible displays. It’s an otherworldly phenomenon you’ll never forget!

Other bioluminescent bays to consider include Puerto Mosquito in Vieques, La Parguera on the mainland, and Laguna Grande in Fajardo. But Mosquito Bay on Vieques reigns supreme. These bioluminescent bays are the most beautiful attractions you must not miss when you travel to Puerto Rico

2. Ziplining Over Forest Canopies

Ready for an adrenaline rush? Go flying over Puerto Rico’s interior jungle on an exhilarating zipline canopy tour. You’ll swoop Superman-style on cables strung between mountainsides, getting a bird’s eye glimpse of the breathtaking scenery below.

Man doing Ziplining over Forest Canopies

Several top-quality zipline operators around the island offer courses with multiple lines, suspension bridges, and platforms straddling steep ravines or waterfalls. Here are some recommended outfitters:

  • ToroVerde Adventure Park – The “Monster” course near Orocovis includes their famous mile-long “El Monstruo” line, one of the world’s longest. Scenic and heart-pounding.
  • Yunke Ziplines – Just outside San Juan, with views of the northern Karst country’s limestone cliffs and tropical foliage. Great value.
  • ViZaTón – Small elevated course with 8 lines crossing a steep gorge in Puerto Rico’s central mountains. Impressive views.
  • Hacienda Campo Rico – A longest single line in PR, seminars at this coffee plantation, and optional rappelling.
  • Gozalandia Adventure Zone – Family-friendly course above a gorgeous waterfall. Fun atmosphere.

Safety is paramount, so opt for well-reviewed outfits following industry standards. Most tours last 2-3 hours with transportation to/from your hotel included. Rates run $89-189 for adults. No experience is needed.

Strap in and get ready for a high-flying Puerto Rican thrill ride! This is a can’t-miss bucket list adventure when you travel to Puerto Rico.

3. Surfing Along the West Coast

With epic swells powered by Atlantic trade winds, Puerto Rico’s west coast boasts some of the best surfing in the Caribbean, especially around winter. Top surf towns like Rincón and Aguadilla have breaks for all levels, whether you want to ride pipeline barrels or just paddle out as a beginner.

Man surfing in West Coast

Here’s a guide to riding Puerto Rico’s primo waves:

  • Rincón – Legendary among surfers, with reefs, points, and beach breaks like Tres Palmas Lighthouse and Steps Beach for variety. Beach bars and surfer vibe.
  • Aguadilla – Home to standout spots like Surfer’s Beach, Wilderness, Table Top, and Gas Chambers. Big winter waves for experts.
  • Isabela – Shacks Beach here draws advanced surfers when the waves get XXL. Beginners can go south to Jobos Beach.
  • Culebra – Beautiful beaches without crowds. Try the breaks at Flamenco Beach and Tamarindo.
  • Playa Santa – West-facing beach in Northwest PR with sand-bottom breaks good for newbies.

Pack or rent a quality surfboard and don’t forget the sunscreen! Then hang loose like a pro riding Puerto Rico’s gnarly waves. The friendly local surf culture here makes it a special experience. Cowabunga!

4. Exploring Rainforests and Caves

Ready for a walk in the wild? Puerto Rico’s lush rainforests, unique karst landscapes, and nature reserves offer easy-to-challenging hikes for absorbing the island’s magnificent natural beauty:

Exploring Rainforests and Caves

El Yunque National Forest

-At 28,000 acres, El Yunque is the only tropical rainforest within the U.S. National Forest system.

-Cascading waterfalls like La Coca and Yokahu Tower, observation towers, and scenic trails from beginner to advanced.

-Look for exotic wildlife like the bright coqui frog, tiny elfin woods warbler, and the endangered Puerto Rican parrot.

Río Camuy Cave Park

-A guided tram tour explores the Camuy River Cave system, with gigantic caves, rock formations, and underground waterfalls.

-Above ground, hike through the forested caverns and sinkholes of the Karst country. Breathtaking natural scenery.

Cueva Ventana

-A popular easier hike in Arecibo leads you to this incredible cave opening with panoramic coastal views through the hole. Perfect for photo ops!

Don’t miss the chance to journey into Puerto Rico’s untamed landscapes. The island’s lush jungles, unique geologic features, and wondrous caves create an unforgettable outdoor escape.

5. Snorkeling and Scuba Diving

Just offshore, Puerto Rico’s surrounding waters offer world-class snorkeling and diving thanks to an abundance of vibrant coral reefs, fascinating shipwrecks, lava tunnels, underwater caves, and exotic sea life. Some top spots include:

  • Culebra Island – Snorkel the underwater trail at Culebrita Island or dive into the reefs at Tamarindo Beach and Carlos Rosario Beach.
  • Fajardo – Take a sailboat to snorkel or dive at pristine reefs like Icacos Island.
  • La Parguera – Snorkel among a maze of glowing coral walls and dive sunken boats.
  • Vieques – Mosquito Pier has sea turtles and nurse sharks, while Purple Beach impresses advanced divers.
  • Desecheo Island – A bit remote, but has some of PR’s most amazing diving off uncrowded beaches.
  • Rincón – Coral gardens right offshore make for convenient and beautiful snorkeling.

Man doing Scuba Diving in Puerto Rico

With so many spots to explore underwater, the biggest challenge is deciding where to go first! Just be sure to only visit with licensed and eco-friendly operators. The snorkeling and diving around Puerto Rico lets you immerse in an incredible seascape.

6. Beach Fun and Relaxation

What’s a Caribbean getaway without ample time to lounge on some of the world’s best beaches? With over 300 miles of scenic shoreline, Puerto Rico is a paradise for beach lovers. Here are just a few top picks for beach fun when you travel to Puerto Rico:

Flamenco Beach Puerto Rico

Flamenco Beach – Culebra

Consistently ranked one of the most beautiful beaches anywhere, with snow-white sand, crystal waters in shades of turquoise, and graceful palm trees. A must-see!

Balneario de Carolina – Mainland PR

A pretty public beach with full amenities like picnic shelters, snack bars, kayak rentals, and bathhouses. Good for families.

Playuela – Vieques

A bioluminescent bay on one side, lively waves on the other. Rustic and laid-back.

Jobos Beach – Isabela

Picturesque crescent beach for swimming, snorkeling, or surfing. Near bars and restaurants.

Playa Crash Boat – Aguadilla

Popular local weekend beach with fun waves and colorful fishing boats bobbing offshore.

Playa Negra – Vieques

Isolated pretty black-sand beach requiring a bumpy drive or boat ride to reach. Worth it!

Wherever you decide to soak up the sun and sea, Puerto Rico’s beautiful beaches make for unforgettable tropical escapes. Don’t forget the sunscreen!

7. Exploring Vibrant Old San Juan

No trip to Puerto Rico is complete without ambling the lively streets of Old San Juan, the historic colonial section of the capital. This atmospheric neighborhood is like walking through 500 years of history. Spend a day or two exploring:

Exploring Old San Juan in Puerto Rico

  • El Morro – the imposing 16th-century fortress guarding Old San Juan and San Juan Bay. Climb the ramparts for panoramic views.
  • Paseo de la Princesa – lovely promenade along the old city walls with street vendors, performers, and outdoor cafes.
  • Plaza de Armas – the lively main square, watch local domino games under the shady trees.
  • Catedral de San Juan Bautista – Puerto Rico’s oldest church, containing the tomb of Spanish explorer Ponce de León.
  • Castillo de San Cristóbal – the impressive hilltop fort with a fascinating history, expansive vistas, and military displays.
  • Calle Fortaleza – the photogenic blue-cobbled street leading up to the governor’s mansion.
  • Calle San Sebastian – This bohemian street comes alive each night with trendy bars, tapas restaurants, and live music spilling into the streets.
  • Museo de Las Americas – an excellent interactive museum showcasing Taíno, African, and Spanish heritage. Worth a visit!

Soak up over 500 years of multicultural history strolling Old San Juan’s scenic streets. The colorful colonial buildings and lively Latino energy here make for an unforgettable experience while traveling to Puerto Rico. ¡Salud!

How to get around in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico may be a relatively small island, but it still offers plenty of challenges when it comes to transportation and logistics. With winding mountain roads, limited public transit, and attractions spread across different parts of the island, you’ll want to do some planning to get around smoothly.

Follow this guide on the best ways to navigate your way in Puerto Rico without getting lost or stuck. Here are the key options for transportation and tips to handle them like a pro.

1. Renting a Car is Recommended

Having your own rental car allows maximum flexibility to explore Puerto Rico’s diverse regions. All major rental companies like Hertz, Avis, and Enterprise operate both at the airport and in cities across the island.

Some things to know about driving in Puerto Rico:

  • They drive on the right side of the road, the same as the mainland US.
  • Roads are generally well-maintained but can be narrow and winding in parts.
  • Use GPS or offline maps to navigate – data coverage can be spotty.
  • Parking in Old San Juan can be tedious – be prepared to pay for garages.
  • Add extra time for driving – you’ll average 35-50 mph on highways.

While it’s possible to rely on public transportation, taxis, and tours, having a rental car makes exploring beaches, mountain towns, and attractions much easier. Just be a confident driver.

2. Public Transportation Options

If you prefer not to drive or just want car-free transportation on certain days, here are the public transit options:


Autoridad Metropolitana de Autobuses operates public buses in the San Juan metro area. Routes reach popular spots like Old San Juan, Condado, Isla Verde, and the airport.

  • Fares are only $0.75 per ride (exact change required).
  • Buses run from 5 am to 9 pm daily.
  • Schedules vary by route, expect buses every 30-60 minutes.


These shared vans offer transportation between cities and towns across the island for cheap rates.

  • Vans leave when full and run during daytime hours, mostly 5 am to 7 pm.
  • Popular routes run from San Juan to Ponce, Mayagüez, and more.
  • Fares average $5-8 each way per person.
  • Ask locals for the público pickup spot in any town.


Taxis are readily available, especially around the airport and major hotels.

  • Fares are set by zone, expect to pay $15-30 for most short trips.
  • Extra charges apply for luggage and late-night/early-morning trips.
  • Uber operates in San Juan and select areas. Prices are generally cheaper than taxis.

Ferries to the Islands

To reach offshore islands like Vieques and Culebra, travelers must take a ferry from the mainland port of Fajardo.

  • Advance reservations are recommended, especially during the high season.
  • Several ferry operators offer multiple daily trips that take 1-2 hours.
  • Roundtrip fares run $5-20 per person.

Having your logistics handled makes exploring Puerto Rico a breeze. Just drive carefully, allow extra time, and use these tips to smoothly navigate your paradise getaway!

Places to Eat in Puerto Rico

One of the best parts of visiting Puerto Rico is getting to sample the delicious criollo cuisine and tasty tropical drinks. From juicy lechon to rum-based cocktails, get ready to enjoy some incredible eats and sips during your trip.

Follow this guide to experience the most authentic and iconic Puerto Rican food and drinks – your tastebuds will thank you!

5 Must-Try Puerto Rican Foods


This addictive dish of mashed and fried green plantains is a Puerto Rican specialty. Try mofongo stuffed with shrimp, chicken, steak, or vegetables.

Best at: Bebo’s in Old San Juan

Lechon Asado

Tender slow-roasted suckling pig is the national dish, often served with crunchy skin, juicy meat, and mofongo to catch the pan drippings.

Best at: El Nuevo Lechonera in Guavate

Arroz con Gandules

Rice, red kidney beans, and sofrito come together in this iconic rice dish and comfort meal.

Best at: Raices in Old San Juan


These savory fritters of grated root vegetables get stuffed with ground beef or pork. The ultimate Puerto Rican snack!

Best at: La Bombonera in Old San Juan


This tasty Puerto Rican take on the tamale involves green bananas stuffed with savory fillings and wrapped in banana leaves.

Best at: Finca Cialitos Cafe in San Juan

4 Refreshing Drinks to Sip

Piña Colada

Puerto Rico’s official national drink! Blends pineapple, coconut, and Puerto Rican rum.

Best at: La Factoria in Old San Juan


A Christmas staple, this creamy coconut, and rum-laced eggnog goes down way too easily.

Best at: Luquillo Kiosks

Rum Punch

Fruity cocktail mingling Puerto Rican rums with pineapple, passionfruit, and citrus juices.

Best at: El Convento Hotel’s Veranda Bar


Sweet frozen mix featuring native sorrel fruit, rum, and crushed ice. The perfect way to cool off!

Best at: Justice Beach Kiosk in Piñones

Sampling these incredible foods and drinks offers a tasty glimpse into Puerto Rico’s cultural soul. Just come hungry and ready to eat your way through the island! ¡Buen provecho!

Where to Stay in Puerto Rico: The Best Lodging Options for Every Budget

With stunning resorts, historic boutique hotels, and affordable rentals, Puerto Rico offers amazing places to stay no matter your vacation budget. Follow this guide to find the perfect lodging fit whether you’re looking for luxury suites, modest guesthouses, or simple hostel dorms.

Top Luxury Hotels and Resorts

If you’re looking to splurge on upscale stays, here are some of Puerto Rico’s finest luxury hotels and resorts:

  • El Convento Hotel (Old San Juan) – Elegant boutique hotel in a restored 17th-century convent with a rooftop pool.
  • The Ritz-Carlton (Dorado) – Sprawling beachfront resort with casino, golf course, and indulgent spa.
  • El San Juan Hotel (Carolina) – Recently renovated iconic resort with glamorous poolside cabanas.
  • Horned Dorset Primavera (Rincon) – Chic oceanfront villa suites overlooking pristine surfing beaches.
  • Royal Isabela (Isabela) – Lavish clifftop casitas nestled between scenic golf course and beach.
  • Copamarina Beach Resort (Guánica) – Mediterranean-style resort on the southwest coast with secluded beaches.
  • Hacienda Tamarindo (Vieques) – Intimate eco-friendly resort with Caribbean Sea views and a great spa.

Great Mid-Range and Boutique Hotels

For less expensive but still stylish and comfortable stays, check out these great mid-range hotels and unique boutique options:

  • Hotel El Convento (Old San Juan) – Historic boutique hotel in a charming restored convent. Rooftop pool and bar.
  • Verde Mar Hotel (Rincon) – Laidback beachfront hotel with two pools and scenic views.
  • Dreamcatcher Casitas (Vieques) – Charming Mediterranean-inspired casitas close to Vieques’ best beaches.
  • Casa Sol Bed & Breakfast (Old San Juan) – Eight cozy rooms in a beautifully restored Spanish colonial building. Great breakfasts!
  • Hotel Villa Montenegro (Old San Juan) – Full-service hotel just steps from all the sights in atmospheric Old San Juan. Rooftop Jacuzzi.
  • Malecon House (Vieques) – Caribbean-inspired chic rooms and apartments across from the beachfront boardwalk.

Budget-Friendly Hotels and Guesthouses

You can still find comfortable stays on almost any budget in Puerto Rico. Check out these wallet-friendly options:

  • Villa Herencia (Old San Juan) – Nine affordable rooms with a roof deck in a great Old San Juan location.
  • Posada San Francisco (Ponce) – Quaint guesthouse with simple rooms starting at $55/night.
  • Lazy Hostel (Old San Juan) – Fun hostel close to major attractions with both dorms and private rooms. Nightly activities.
  • Mary Lee’s by the Sea (Rincon) – Guesthouse with a/c rooms near surfing beaches starting at $85.
  • Villa Tamarindo Bed & Breakfast (Mayaguez) – Charming B&B with a/c rooms and breakfast for $75-$95/night.
  • Vista Bahia Apartment (Fajardo) – Spacious 2-bedroom oceanview apartment for only $100/night.

With lodging options to suit every style and budget, it’s easy to find the perfect place to rest your head when travel to Puerto Rico!

Staying Safe in Puerto Rico: Tips for Secure and Smart Travel to Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a beautiful island destination, but like any place you aren’t familiar with, it’s wise to exercise some caution. Follow these tips for securely navigating your Puerto Rico travels.

Use Common Sense in Tourist Areas

Petty theft like pickpocketing and bag snatching can occur in major tourist spots like Old San Juan, especially after dark. Stay alert in crowds and don’t carry large amounts of cash or valuables. Only take what you need for the day.

Avoid poorly lit alleys and side streets at night. Stick to busier areas with good lighting. Using rideshare services instead of taxis at night adds an extra layer of security.

Only book activities and tours through reputable companies, especially adventure excursions. Check reviews and licenses.

Don’t Flaunt Valuables

Avoid openly flaunting expensive cameras, jewelry, watches, and phones. Keep valuables concealed when not in use. Only pull out what you need when making purchases. Carry minimal cash and one credit card if possible.

If you have a rental car, don’t leave any bags or valuables visible inside when it’s unattended. Lock items in the trunk out of sight.

Research and Avoid Higher Crime Areas

Puerto Rico is generally safe, but certain areas have higher crime rates. Do research ahead of time to know which neighborhoods and towns to avoid, especially at night. Ask your hotel for guidance.

Exercise extra caution around Puerto Rico Housing Projects (caserios) which can have gang activity. Solo hiking deep into remote forests or beach areas is also not advised.

Stay Vigilant with Belongings

Beach and hotel pool bag snatchings can happen quickly when people aren’t watching bags. Never leave items fully unattended. Take turns watching belongings or use locker facilities.

Keep close tabs on your luggage at the airport while waiting for flights. Brief luggage out-of-sight moments are all thieves need.

Book Transfers and Tours Through Your Hotel

Rather than hailing random taxis, schedule rides ahead of time through your accommodation. Many hotels have secure partnerships with licensed driver companies.

Similarly, booking reputable tours through your hotel or resort allows them to vet the companies and ensure quality.

Don’t Over-Indulge in Alcohol

It’s easy to overdo it with cheap drinks in Puerto Rico. But being drunk in unfamiliar areas makes you an easy target. Stay sober enough to maintain awareness in public areas and when traveling back to your hotel.

By using caution, making smart decisions, and remaining vigilant, you can fully enjoy your Puerto Rico travels while minimizing any risks. Have a safe and memorable trip!

Saving Money on Your Puerto Rico Vacation: Insider Tips to Stretch Your Budget

A trip to the Caribbean often brings visions of high costs for flights, hotels, food, and fun. But with strategic planning, you can experience all Puerto Rico has to offer on almost any budget.

Follow these tips from a savvy traveler to keep more cash in your wallet and still have an amazing time in paradise:

Fly During Off-Peak Seasons

Flights tend to be cheaper from late August through November, between summer and winter peaks. The tradeoff is possible hurricane risks and some closures. Arrive in early December for decorations and music!

Look for Package Deals

Bundled flight + hotel packages through sites like Expedia can offer significant savings versus booking separately. Packages with rental cars included also help lower transport costs.

Use Alternative Accommodations

Hostels, guesthouses, Airbnbs, and apartment rentals allow you to save significantly on lodging versus hotels. Look outside main tourist zones for better nightly rates too.

Travel Light

Checked bags often add steep fees. Pack light enough to fit everything in a carry-on backpack to avoid those charges. Laundromats are available if you need to wash a couple of outfits.

Eat Affordably

Seek out comida criolla at roadside kiosks, food trucks, and cafeterias where delicious local food is served cheaply. Grocery shop for snacks and breakfasts rather than costly hotel food.

Use Public Transportation

Utilize buses, públicos shared vans, and ferries to get between destinations affordably versus taxis or rental cars. Great for short trips.

Seek Out Free Activities

Walk beaches, explore the cobblestone streets of Old San Juan, hike trails in the El Yunque rainforest, and visit museums with free admission days. Enjoy low or no-cost adventures.

Grab Happy Hour Deals

Bars all over Puerto Rico offer amazing happy hour deals like 2-for-1 drinks and half-priced appetizers that let you enjoy nightlife on the cheap.

With flexible planning, bargain-hunting skills, and a spirit of adventure, you can delight in a dream Puerto Rico getaway without breaking the bank. Forget high costs – savor paradise affordably!

Top Souvenirs to Grab on Your Puerto Rico Vacation

One of the best parts of travel is bringing home unique souvenirs that evoke memories of your amazing adventures. Puerto Rico offers plenty of wonderful keepsakes and local goods that perfectly capture the island’s vibrant culture and scenery.

Here are some of my top recommended souvenirs to shop for during your travels in Puerto Rico:

Artisan Crafts

  • Painted Coconut Shells – Colorfully decorated shells make gorgeous ornamental pieces.
  • Mundillo Lace – Delicate handmade lace in floral patterns, a traditional craft.
  • Santos Carvings – Hand-carved wooden saint figurines, each uniquely crafted.
  • Ceramic Ware – Locally made plates, mugs, and bowls with Caribbean-inspired designs.
  • Woven Baskets – Sturdy and decorative hand-woven baskets are great for storage.

Coffee and Chocolate

  • Puerto Rican Coffee – Locally grown and roasted coffee makes a delicious edible souvenir. The island produces some of the best coffee in the world!
  • Chocolate Bars – Bars made from cacao grown in Puerto Rico provide a tasty treat. Try flavors like passionfruit and guava.

Local Foods

  • Mofongo Mix – Instant powder lets you whip up this iconic mashed plantain dish back home.
  • Rum Cakes – Dense cakes soaked in Puerto Rican rum make a perfect after-dinner delight.
  • Hot Sauce – Kick up your cooking with distinctive adobo pepper sauces.

Music and Entertainment

  • Puerto Rican CDs – Great salsa, reggaeton, plena and bomba music to dance to.
  • Maracas and Guiro – Traditional musical instruments to bring home some island rhythm.
  • Dominoes – Puerto Ricans love dominoes! Pick up an ornately painted set to enjoy.

Finding these unique handcrafted items and delicious edible goodies makes for affordable, memorable Puerto Rican souvenirs. Just be sure to leave room in your luggage!

Getting By with Spanish while traveling to Puerto Rico

While many Puerto Ricans speak English, especially in tourist areas, learning some basic Spanish phrases will help you better connect during your travel to Puerto Rico.

Here are some tips for getting by in Spanish:

  • Learn greetings like “Hola” and “Buenos dias”, and gratitude phrases like “Gracias” and “Por favor.”
  • Memorize common courtesies you’ll use often like “Lo siento” (sorry) and “Permiso” (excuse me).
  • Look up how to ask “Do you speak English?” (“¿Habla inglés?”) in case you need help.
  • Know numbers, so you can state prices and times. Carry a translations guide for menus.
  • Get help pronouncing place names properly, like “San Juan” and “El Yunque.”
  • Download an offline Spanish translation app so you can look up extra phrases easily.
  • Brush up on directions, like “izquierda” (left) and “derecha” (right) to navigate.
  • Learn pleasantry phrases like “¡Salud!” (cheers) to use in social settings and restaurants.

While most tourist industry workers know English, knowing some Spanish basics will help you make local connections and show respect for Puerto Rico’s culture during your travels. Focus on memorizing key courtesy words, place names, and questions to get by smoothly. Your effort to speak some simple Spanish will be appreciated. ¡Buena suerte! (Good luck!)

The Final Word on Planning an Epic Puerto Rico Adventure

After all these tips and recommendations, are you daydreaming yet about your own ultimate Puerto Rican escape? From the steaming plates of mofongo to the rhythm of bomba music, this sun-soaked island paradise truly captivates the senses.

With its intoxicating blend of vibrant Latino culture, heart-pumping adventures, and laidback tropical vibe, Puerto Rico offers the quintessential Caribbean experience.

By planning smart, using these budget and safety tips, and immersing in the local spirit, you’re guaranteed memories to last a lifetime. Once you arrive, let the island work its magic.

Vibrant nights in Old San Juan, hiking lush rainforests, and beach-bumming at your souvenir-shopping discretion. However you choose to spend your days, Puerto Rico won’t disappoint.

Just relax, soak up the sights and sounds, and let this diverse island weave its spell on you. A dip in those bioluminescent waters seems to spark something special in travelers’ souls!

The countdown is on…your Puerto Rican paradise awaits! I hope these tips help you plan an adventure as memorable as the island itself. Let me know if you have any other questions before your trip. Otherwise, safe travels to Puerto Rico, and enjoy each incredible moment! Hasta luego from beautiful Puerto Rico!

If you are looking for budget hacks for travelers, check out our this blog. If you are traveling solo, then check out Tips for Staying Safe While Traveling Solo.

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