36 Top Things to do in LaGrange (Georgia)

LaGrange Courthouse Square

Located in Troup County, LaGrange is a small town in the west-central part of Georgia. At first glance, the city appears pretty quiet but do not judge a book by its cover, the city has lots of fun and adventure in its kitty and it has a pretty cool nightlife to experience as well.

The city may be small but it won’t fail to impress you with its history, culture and all the entertainment it offers.

If you are looking for some cool things to do while in LaGrange, we are here to help you out. We have prepared a list of all the top things you can do in LaGrange (Georgia) and we hope this helps you prepare your perfect itinerary.

So, without waiting any further, let’s jump on to the list of 36 top things to do in LaGrange (Georgia).

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Top Fun & Adventure Things to do if you love Outdoors

1. West Point Lake

Kayaking at West Point Lake Georgia

Locate just 20 minutes away from LaGrange, West Point Lake is a busy touristy location. Travelers who love great outdoors or those who enjoy just being in nature, flock the Lake because of so much fun the lake offers. Water Sports enthusiasts are also attracted equally to this lake for fun and adventure right amidst nature.

With over 26,000 acres of water and 525 miles of coastline, the lake is a natural beauty in its pristine form. That’s what makes it one of the first and foremost things to do while in LaGrange.

It’s a paradise for fishers as Bass is found in abundance here. You will find a variety of Bass fishes like a spotted bass, wide-mouth bass, striped bass, and white bass. In addition to that, you will find channel catfish, bluegill, redbreast sunfish, and black crappie also.

You can even rent a boat and sail for a fishing expedition. However, if you don’t want to indulge in fishing, you have other forms of adventures available here.

So, Why not try kayaking or paddleboarding? Just take out your boat in the water and enjoy the great scenery and cool blue waters from the closest corners of the lake.

And you need not worry if you don’t own a kayak or paddleboard, there are several shops in the recreational area from where you can rent one. Whether you own a boat or you rent one, you don’t have to compromise on the fun. West Point Lake has a solution for everything.

Moreover, you can even indulge in floating or swimming here. In case, you don’t want to be in the water, enjoy the picnic areas surrounding the lake. Put on a blanket in the grass, read a book, or enjoy a great lunch. In other words, simply have a great time here.

The lake itself is an ideal getaway for a perfect weekend. Visit here and it will leave a lasting impression on you and is surely going to impress you.

Address: 500 Resource Management Dr., West Point GA 31833

2. Wild Animal Safari

Giraffe at Wild Animal Safari, LaGrange

Spread over 300 acres of area and home to over 450 animals, Wild Animal Safari is a fantastic drive-through park that lets you enjoy the fun part of a zoo within the comforts of your car. That’s what makes the park more interesting and that’s why it’s included in our top things-to-do list.

The park houses around 65 different species of wildlife from all over the world. You just not only view but make a contact with some of the animals.

You can take the 3.5-mile long tour in your vehicle or better join the party on the complimentary tour bus with fellow travelers and a guide. Otherwise, you can rent the zebra van for your family for only $25. So, a lot of options available, whichever way you feel more comfortable, you can enjoy it.

The most interesting part is that you can feed these animals too while on the tour. Yes, you heard it right. You get a chance to get close and personal with some of the animals. Many will come and greet you at the window of your vehicle. Pat them and show your love.

You can even buy a bag of grass pellets at the ticket window and when the animals come close to you, you can feed them and enjoy watching them satiating their hunger.

Apart from that, you can take a self-guided walk once you are done with the drive-in tour, and can see the different species of birds and reptiles in a zoo-like setup.

Whether you are visiting the city with kids or your partner or you are traveling alone, you should take this Wild Animal Safari tour. Be assured it will be lots of fun and you would not even have an ounce of a chance to get bored.

Cost: It’s about $28 for adults and $25 for kids. It may seem a little expensive but the kind of fun it offers, it’s completely worth it.

Address: Bk 1300, Oak Grove Rd, Pine Mountain, GA 31822

3. Lakeside Trails

Lakeside Trails, West Point, Georgia

Running along West Side Lake, Lakeside Trails is a hidden gem located just 20 minutes away from LaGrange, Georgia. It is an approximately 7 miles long trail featuring rough terrains and unpaved paths.

The trails are perfect for hiking as well as biking. People of various ages and experience levels can enjoy this single loop trail.

However, it is most enjoyed by pro bikers because, by no means, these are easy trails. With twisting turns and tree roots spread on the unpaved trails, it’s undoubtedly a challenging terrain full of adventure and adrenaline rush.

For those who are not much into active energy mode and looking for a place to relax and have some quiet fun, there are areas where you can just be with nature and have the panoramic views of the lake waters.

The lake views from the trails are unexpectedly beautiful and amazing. Sit by the lake, enjoy a great afternoon or you can even try fishing or swimming for that matter.

Lakeside trails are not just challenging trails, they are also a place where nature lovers can find solace.

Address: Resource Management Rd, West Point, GA 31833

4. Callaway Memorial Tower

Callaway Memorial Tower, Georgia

Looking for a beautiful place to click your Instagram pictures, make sure to visit Callaway Memorial Tower in LaGrange city, Georgia.

The monument was built in the year 1929 and was modeled on Campanile of St. Mark’s Square in Venice, Italy. The tower has a lot of history attached to it. It is dedicated to textile magnate Fuller E. Callaway and that’s how the tower has got its name.

There are lush green grounds around the tower which are well maintained. It is a perfect picnic place for families. Take a stroll, play some frisbee golf, or enjoy a nice sunset here. The place is perfect for your romantic outings too.

If you are in LaGrange or the neighborhood, definitely visit this place. What’s the best way to enjoy, other than an awesome place to hang out and get your awesome Instagram pic clicked!

Address: Cypress Street, LaGrange, Georgia 30240

5. Hogg Mine

Hogg Mine LaGrange

It is very difficult to find a perfect adventure for youngsters, however, Hogg Mine is a hidden gem in LaGrange which brings the most amazing experience and fun to youngsters as well as adults.

Hogg Mine is a mineral mine where you get a chance to involve in the fun of digging and discovering treasures in the form of different rocks. If you or your kids are a rock hound, then there is nothing like that.

You need to dig the dirt and do a whole lot of work but it pays you big time. You will find many quality gems including rose quartz, beryl, aquamarine, pieces of mica, and the most amazing tourmaline.

They organize public digs as well as private guided digs. For public digs, check out their official website for the dig dates.

If you want a true mining experience and lots of fun, do visit this place. This is a must thing to do and should be a part of your itinerary.

Cost: The dig fee is $35 per person over 16 years of age. Children 16 and under dig for free.

Address: 2408 Whitesville Rd, LaGrange, Georgia 30240. However, they would ask you to meet at their meeting place ‘McDonald’s 2408 Whitesville Rd, LaGrange, Georgia.

6. Butts Mill Farm

Horse at Butts Mill Farm, Georgia

Looking for full-on enjoyment for the whole family? Don’t miss visiting Butts Mill Farm if you are in the area. The farm is indeed a must-visit for families.

Located in Harris County, just 20 minutes away from LaGrange, the Butts Mill Farm is an interesting amusement park where you have the opportunity to get close with farm animals. Along with that, you also get to enjoy bumper boats, train rides, and mini-golf.

Enjoy horse riding while you are there and their mini-golf is something you should try. Apart from that, they also have a fishing pond with poles and bait provided, so watch your younger ones trying their hands at fishing.

On top of it, they have a nice cafe with a delicious menu. Try out their sandwiches, they are too good.

Overall, a good place for a fun time with family!

Address: 2280 Butts Mill Rd, Pine Mountain, Georgia 31822

7. Great Wolf Lodge

Looking for a great stay with unlimited fun and entertainment for everyone in the family? Don’t look any further. You are at the right place.

Great Wolf Lodge is a family-friendly hotel with an amazing indoor water park, lots of fun activities for your younger ones, and much entertainment for the adults in the family.

Enjoy water rides at their cool indoor water park. The water park has a variety of rides along with a lazy river which will keep you entertained.

If you are looking for dry-land adventures, you will find that in plenty too.

Adults can dance their hearts out at Camp Howl dance party with some good music or have fun playing mini-golf with the entire family. Once tired, settle down for a sip of wine at their bar lounge and enjoy long conversations with your partner.

Kids also get plenty of different activities to indulge in. They can attend Build a Bear Workshop or play a quest game and explore the lodge or just enjoy wall climbing. Apart from that, there is a bowling alley for kids which is kind of super fun for the younger lot.

All in all, a good place to have a fun time with your family.

Valuable Tip: Go for their day pass which gives you access to their indoor water park and it’s surely a value for money.

Address: 150 Tom Hall Pkwy, LaGrange, Georgia 30240

8. The Fields Golf Club

The Fields Golf Club, LaGrange

With 18 holes and lush green rolling grounds, the links-style Fields Golf Club attracts all kinds of golfers in the area.

Whether you are a pro, a champion, or just starting, you can enjoy golfing here. The course is fairly wide open but hilly.

It has plenty of twists and turns which as a result makes the course interesting and grabs all your attention. If you are unfamiliar with the course, it will be quite challenging for you.

They do have a place to eat and drink which overlooks the golf course. However, they do not have any restaurant or bar as such.

If you are a golfer, you got to play this course for its fast and challenging greens!

Cost: Pay about $40 to play 18 holes which includes cart as well and it will surely be money well spent!

Address: 257 S Smith Rd, LaGrange, Georgia 30241

9. Chattahoochee River

Chattahoochee River

Go out for an amazing and adventurous outdoor expedition at Chattahoochee River. The river gets all the love from visitors and locals alike.

It can be enjoyed in multiple ways. Visitors enjoy kayaking the most. Whether you own a boat or you rent one, make sure to go for kayaking in Chattahoochee River. Paddle down for a couple of hours and enjoy the scenic views of the lake. Water is usually calm so you can make the most of your kayaking experience.

You can also enjoy fishing here. Bass and Catfish can be found year-round. Moreover, you also stand a chance to catch trout. So, why not enjoy a relaxing afternoon catching enough fishes for a nice dinner? Sounds exciting!

Above all, the river brings you as close to nature as you can be!

Address: 710 1st Avenue, West Point, Georgia 31833

10. R. Shaefer Heard Park

R Shaefer Heard Campground

R. Shaefer Heard Park is essentially a campground located on the southern shore of West Point Lake. Surrounded by deep forests on one side and lake waters on the other, the campground is a wonderful stay amidst nature.

The campground is huge with 117 sites where almost all sites are lakefront and with enough shades.

They have well-maintained boat ramps wherein you can take your boat in the water and explore the lake and the beautiful scenery surrounding the lake.

Lots of recreational activities available here. For example, you can enjoy swimming or floating. Try fishing as fishes are in abundance here.

It is a very quiet place. Listen to birds chirping, take long walks, or just sit back and enjoy a breathtaking sunset view.

The campsite has all the needed amenities so that you don’t face any difficulty in your stay.

if you are planning to camp while visiting here, try this campground., you will have only good things to share about this place.

Cost: The charges vary from $24-$56 per night which is quite reasonable considering it’s such a nice campground.

Address: 101 Park Ln, West Point, Georgia 31833

11. Pyne Road Park Campground

Pyne Road Park Campground

Looking to get away from the noise of the city and stay at a peaceful location right in the comforts of nature? Don’t go any further, Pyne Road Park Campground offers you the same and even more.

It is not a big campground with only dozens of sites. However, that’s what makes it special because you can spend your time away from any kind of noise. Moreover, it’s a nice, clean, spotless and well-maintained campground.

Located on the banks of West Point Lake, the campground offers plenty of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors and indulge in some fun activities such as swimming and fishing.

Do not forget to bring your boat or kayak to enjoy the real feel of sparkling blue lake waters on a hot weekend.

Just make a note that it is a seasonal campground open March through November.

Cost: The campground is quite cheap at $20 per night.

Address: 4481 Roanoke Rd, LaGrange, Georgia 30240

12. Southbend Park

Kids Playing at Southbend Park

Located near Lafayette Square in downtown, Southbend Park is a family-friendly park offering much fun to people of all ages.

The park houses a cool skatepark where you can enjoy skating. Whether you are a pro or a beginner, the skatepark has enough facilities to entertain every skill level.

Even if you are not into skating, just grab a cup of coffee and enjoying watching people skate and do tricks.

Moreover, the park gets all the love from dog owners. There are two quite big dog parks, one for the larger breed and the other for small dogs which is a blessing for small dogs and their owners as small dogs can feel safe and play freely.

Apart from that, there is a huge playground with various play structures where kids can play. Along with that, there is a walking trail and lots of green areas. Go for a run or take a stroll or bring your lunch and enjoy a picnic time with your family.

It’s a great park to spend quality time with family. The best part is it’s so close to the downtown heartland and it’s Free.

Cost: Free

Address: 309 Pierce St, LaGrange, Georgia 30240

13. River’s Bend Winery & Vineyard

River's Bend Winery and Vineyard

If you have a taste for wine, you should surely visit River’s Bend Winery & Vineyard.

It is a family-owned and operated vineyard with a great selection of wines. All the wines have their unique taste and flavor. However, fruit wines are their specialty.

They have a nice tasting room where you can taste several wines. You can choose what all wines to sample and pay accordingly.

Furthermore, they have a great outside patio setting where you can breathe fresh air. You can even visit the vineyard fields and see the grapes and berries growing.

Indulge in conversations with hosts and they will explain the wine-making process and the characteristics of each wine.

They have really good flavors in wine, as a result, people end up buying bottles of wine here.

Valuable Tip: Try riesling or naked peach. They are too good. The flavor will linger on for quite some time.

Address: 692 Adams Rd, West Point, Georgia 31833

14. Whitetail Ridge Park

Whitetail Ridge Park Campground

Looking for camping as well as other recreational activities to keep you entertained during your stay? Whitetail Ridge Park offers you exactly that.

Visit the park nestled in the woods, for a time away from the hustle and bustle of the city and yet not so far away from it. The park has nice camping facilities with 58 sites right on the waterfront. However, the park is not all about camping though.

There are enough recreational activities available to keep you engaged. Go for boating or paddleboarding and enjoy the lake. Go fishing or make your kids learn fishing.

Enjoy walking or jogging in the woods, just unplug and unwind from your city life, rejuvenate yourself so that you can go back with a refreshed body and mind.

Note that this is a seasonal park open from March to November.

Cost: One night will cost you between $24 -$48.

Address: 565 Abbottsford Rd, LaGrange, Georgia 30240

15. Williams Speedway

Williams Speedway

Looking for indoor entertainment for a fun time with family? Williams Speedway is no less than a full game and entertainment center providing fun for the whole family.

Williams Speedway has a full-fledged go-kart track where teenage kids can have the blast and even you can go for a few rides for that matter. Keep the childlike excitement alive in you at this amazing go-kart track.

In addition to the go-kart track, Williams Speedway also offers an outstanding gaming arcade along with mini-golf. While your kids can indulge in the gaming arcade and have all the fun, you can enjoy mini-golf and have your share of fun.

The entertainment hub has something for everyone in the family. You would not have time to get bored and you can easily spend here a couple of hours full of fun and entertainment.

Address: 206 E Depot St, LaGrange, Georgia 30241

16. Turnaround Skate Center

Turnaround Skate Center

Weekends can be great fun in LaGrange and that is proved by Turnaround Skate Center.

This is primarily a church called ‘Turnaround Christian Center’ which organizes weekend fun for the city of LaGrange, Georgia.

Turnaround Skate Center has quite a big roller skating ring where kids and adults can have a blast and enjoy equally. Practice your moves, learn tricks, and show your talent at this great skate ring all while some nice music being played in the background.

Don’t go by the name, the skate center is not all about skates, you get tons of other entertainment options too. There is something fun to do for all the family members.

Play a game of basketball at their basketball court, or get busy playing the arcade games at the arcade game section. If you are looking for some more fun, why not play laser tag that too unlimited at a very reasonable price? There is no dearth of fun and entertainment at the skate center.

For your little ones, there is a toddler zone with a giant slide, a jumpy house, and other play structures as well which keeps your little ones pretty much engrossed in their activities.

And if you feel hungry while playing, there’s a snack counter as well.

The place is great for whole family entertainment and the prices aren’t bad either.

Address: 3028 W Point Rd, LaGrange, Georgia 30240

17. West Point River Park Trails

West Point River Park Trails

West Point River Park Trails is a hidden gem just 20 minutes outside of LaGrange, Georgia. If you love outdoors and nature walks, this should be surely in your things-to-do list for LaGrange.

River Park Trails is a nice quaint part with about 3 miles long trail. The trails are well-maintained with a major portion of the path paved. The trail runs deep into woods with the majority of the trail falling into the shaded area and that’s the reason the trails are enjoyed even during the hottest months.

You can hike or go for a run or even enjoy mountain biking here. The trails offer enough adrenaline rush for beginners and pros alike.

Let your kids burn off their energy in mountain biking or running while you enjoy a quiet walk in the woods. Enjoy the views of the lake waters while you walk along with occasional encounters with geese and a variety of other birds.

Bring your lunch and enjoy a day picnic with your family right on the riverbank.

Valuable Tip: Bring a trail map along with you as the trails are not marked enough.

Cost: Free

Address: 209 E 10th St, West Point, Georgia 31833

18. Sweetland on Ice

Sweetland on Ice LaGrange

Who would imagine a classy ice skating place in Georgia? Yes, you guessed it right, it’s right there in LaGrange, Georgia. LaGrange may be a small and quiet town but it won’t fail to surprise you.

Sweetland on Ice is essentially an ice skating rink that gets all the love from locals and visitors alike. Let your kids and grandkids have a field day in ice skating while you watch them have all the fun.

This is an outdoor skating rink covered by a tent and heaters are provided to stay warm. The skating rink is seasonal and is open from December through February.

if you are not skating, then you can sit outdoors alongside fire pits and enjoy a cup of coffee watching ice skating in action.

Bring your skates or rent one, but enjoy the madness of falling and learning! They even have something to hold on to, if you are a beginner. Moreover, small kids get skate buddies to help them learn the game.

All in all, the skating rink is good fun for the whole family and is quite reasonable as well.

Cost: For a two-hour session, they charge $12 if you rent the skates and $6 if you bring your skates. However, you get dirt cheap concessions while you buy snacks and drinks there.

Address: 110 Smith St, LaGrange, GA 30240

19. Callaway Resorts & Gardens

Callaway resorts & gardens

If you are the one who loves luxurious stays and luxurious lifestyles, check in to Callaway Resorts & Gardens because it is not just a wonderful resort but it offers you much more than that.

Spend your time playing golf at their world-class golf course or rejuvenate yourself at their outstanding spa. The resort makes sure that you make the most of your time at the resort.

With sprawling gardens and breathtaking landscape, the resort offers enough biking and hiking trails to burn off your energy and stay fit. Moreover, you can explore the well-manicured gardens and indulge in birdwatching.

Beyond that, you have the facility to sunbath at their man-made white sand beach or try out watersports to quench your adrenaline rush.

All in all, the resort is awesome and if you can afford it, the resort does not give a chance to complain.

Address: 17800 US Hwy 27, Pine Mountain, GA 31822

20. Horace King Access

Horace King Access

Located along the Chattahoochee River, Horace King Access is a wonderful park full of recreational activities.

It’s a beautiful park with easy access to fishing, kayaking, and swimming. In addition to that, the pavilion is huge with multiple grills and that makes it a nice and comfortable place to picnic with the family.

To help with kayaking and boating, there is a boat launch ramp which is just superb. On top of it, the area offers great views along with that chirping birds adds to the silence of the woods.

It’s a great place to catch some quiet time and rewind yourself in the lap of mother nature.

Address: LaGrange, Georgia 30240

21. Water Wiz

Water Wiz LaGrange

Water Wiz is a perfect place to keep your kids busy while you cool off in the pool. A part of 3 Creeks complex, Water Wiz offers much fun to the entire family.

Kids can enjoy roller skating or have fun sliding the water rides over and over while you enjoy a dip in the pool and cool off during summers.

On top of it, you can also camp here as there is a campground too. However, if you are not interested in camping, just come here and enjoy the water, lounge by the pool, and watch your kids having blast.

It’s perfect for a day outing at a very reasonable price.

Address: 305 Old Roanoke Rd, LaGrange, Georgia 30240

22. Nutwood Winery

Nutwood Winery

‘A great place to have good conversations while sipping the tastiest wines’ is an awesome experience you can get in LaGrange, only at Nutwood Winery.

Nutwood Winery is a classy and upscale winery with acres of plantation fields and a huge tasting room. They have a wide variety of wines from dry to sweet and they are known for their quality. You won’t find any bad taste here.

They have a great atmosphere and you can enjoy your wine on the patio or just take a stroll in the gardens and vineyard while sipping your wine.

Food is great and you can sample several wines at a very reasonable rate.

The winery is awesome inside out. Their Chardonnay is as good as their local green apple Riesling and both the wines taste heavenly.

The 200-year-old pecan trees there, are something worth taking a look, and that’s how the winery got its name as Nutwood.

Valuable Tip: Missing their wine slushies is a sin. Try it out for sure, you will love it.

Address: 1339 Upper Big Springs Rd, LaGrange, Georgia 30241

Love for Art and History

23. Hills & Dales Estate

Hills & Dales Estate

If you are in LaGrange, then Hills & Dales Estate is a must-see and has to be on your list. Covering 30,000 square foot, Hills & Dales Estate has an interesting history that is more than 175 years old.

It is a beautiful Georgian-Italian style historic home that was built for textile magnate Fuller E. Callaway. The house is awe-inspiring and is beautifully done. It has been beautifully restored to its original condition along with original decor and furnishings.

The guided tour starts with a 15 minutes introductory video of the home which sets the tone of the tour. Learn the history of the Callaway family who lived there and appreciate the fine detailed out displayed artwork.

The artistically maintained gardens are breathtaking and show the faith of the family in god as you can depict from the garden layout. The gardens are full of blossoms and flowers and spread their fragrance all over.

The house is spectacular with gardens, fountains, and plazas and gives the Italian house vibes.

Make sure you visit this place for an amazing experience and a good time!

Cost: The tour will cost you around $20 per person.

Address: 1916 Hills and Dales Dr, LaGrange, GA 30240

24. Bellevue Historic Mansion


Bellevue is one of the top things to do in LaGrange if you are ever interested in old homes and architecture.

It is a beautifully done home that was built in the 1850s for Senator Ben Hill. This pre-civil war home is magnificent and displays fine craftsmanship throughout the entire house. Every nook and corner of the house is artistically restored to its original form and it gives you a feel of the civil war era.

The house has a lot of history. The tour starts with an introductory video that tells you about the history, architecture, and amazing stories about the house and its owners. The tour itself is very engaging.

Situated at the top of a hill and surrounded by magnolia trees, the house looks pretty and you can feel the old world charm.

In addition to that, it has a stunning Greek Revival style architecture which makes the house unique and a must-see.

Address: 204 Ben Hill Street, LaGrange, Georgia 30218

25. Biblical History Center

Biblical History Center

If you are interested in history and have a love for the bible, then Biblical History Center is just waiting for you and should be on your things-to-do list for LaGrange.

Biblical History Center is essentially a cultural museum that showcases the history of the bible along with the ancient world’s artifacts and archeology.

Explore the daily life of the ancient world specifically ancient Middle Eastern life through its functional large-scale archaeological replicas, Biblical meal presentations, lectures, and many other interactive experiences.

A very different experience altogether focusses on different hands-on activities which you can do and get the feel of ancient life.

So, get a chance to sit in an authentic goat-hair tent like the nomadic shepherds of the old world or check out the tombs just like the ones where Abraham and Jesus might have been buried.

In addition to that, you can also explore a 2000-year-old replica village and enjoy the dining experience with Passover-style meal just like the Last Supper.

There are several kids’ activities too like bake a loaf of bread or kid’s archaeological dig which makes them learn about old times but in a fun way.

It is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm.

Cost: Around $21 for guided tours and $17 for self-guided ones. For kids, the prices are a little cheaper.

Address: 130 Gordon Commercial Dr, LaGrange, Georgia 30240

26. LaGrange Art Museum

LaGrange Art Museum

Anyone who loves art can’t miss visiting LaGrange Art Museum.

The building hosting the museum has its unique history. It was built as a county jail in 1892 and then afterward served as a furniture store. However, later on, it got converted into this beautiful art museum.

They have a great collection of art and the displays are gorgeous and mindblowing. It is a perfect blend of modern and traditional art.

The place is small but very pleasant. The artworks are educational that makes it a great place to introduce your kids to art.

The well-curated and engaging collections along with wonderful exhibits are worth a visit. Check their website for timings and exhibits before planning a visit.

Cost: Entry is free however, you can donate for the sustainability and the growth of the museum.

Address: 112 Lafayette Pkwy, LaGrange, GA 30240

27. Strange LaGrange Walking Tour

Strange LaGrange Waling Tour

Spooky stories about the town, footsteps, and crashing mirrors in the middle of the night at city hall, spirits, and paranormal activities at LaGrange Art Museum that was once a jail, the list goes on. Many such stories and experiences will welcome you at Strange LaGrange Walking Tour.

The walking tour is a must-do and should be surely a part of your itinerary.

The Tour is unique and interesting in its way. The tour starts at the Main street in the heart of town and takes you to several sites which are famous during the day-time yet supposedly haunted at night.

Learn about the history of LaGrange along with the spooky stories floating around in the town and engage in conversations with fellow tour members and the guide. It is the best way to get a feel for the town.

The tour is entertaining for all ages and the stories are not that spooky to scare kids. The younger ones also enjoy the tour equally.

Valuable Tip: Book your tickets in advance on Eventbrite.

Address: 136 Main Street, LaGrange, Georgia 30240

28. Fort Tyler

Fort Tyler LaGrange

Anyone who is a civil war buff or loves history would love to see Fort Tyler.

It holds a special place in the history of civil wars as Brigadier General Robert C. Tyler fought his last battle here against Union troops. It was the last Civil war battle after the surrender of the Confederate forces.

It is not a huge fort. However, it holds an important piece of history. The fort got its name from the Brigadier General Robert C. Tyler.

You need to take a small yet steep hike which will take you to the earthen fort and the cannons. Check out the cannons while there. Also, enjoy the amazing views from the top.

The area has been beautifully restored to its original conditions and is well-marked and documented. Moreover, plaques going up to the fort provide a wealth of information about the place.

It is a quiet and peaceful place just in the middle of the town so it is easier to make a historical stop and take a walk.

It should not take more than 30 minutes of your time to cover this place especially since its in the middle of the town. Do visit this place if you are in the area and interested in historic wars.

Cost: Free

Address: 101 E 11th St, West Point, Georgia 31833

29. Legacy Museum on Main

legacy art museum on main

Even if you are slightly interested in history, you are going to love Legacy Museum on Main.

As the name says Legacy, it truly holds the legacy of West Georgia’s history and keeps it alive in the hearts of fellow Georgia residents.

They have a great display of the history of LaGrange as well as the civil war and the textile industry to name a few. It has an extensive collection of the history of Troup County as well.

The museum also has a piece of girder from the World Trade Center that will make you nostalgic.

The gallery is rotating its artwork. Their permanent collection is equally good as their temporary exhibits. Since the artwork keeps on rotating, every time you will find something new to admire.

Walk around and learn more about the local history of the place. Couple it with a nice lunch at one of the finest restaurants in the downtown and enjoy your afternoon.

Cost: FREE

Address: 136 Main Street, LaGrange, Georgia 30241

30. Pure Life Studios

Musician at Pure Life Studio

Do you love live music and concerts? Undoubtedly, Pure Life Studios is the place to go if you are in the area.

Visit this place for an intimate experience with live music. The place is small and cozy but there is no dearth of entertainment.

It offers you a great fun time listening to talented artists playing on the stage. It is a tremendous place to watch singers, songwriters, and musicians coming together to show their craft and give you a wonderful time.

The best part is you also get a chance to interact with the artists.

You can bring your food or buy it from there itself. You can also BYOB and have a great time.

Awesome music and great people, that’s what you get here. Don’t miss out on the fun and make sure to experience the lively atmosphere!

Check out their website for concert dates and book your ticket in advance.

Address: 206 Clark St, LaGrange, Georgia 30240

31. Lafayette Society of Performing Arts

Lafayette Society of performing arts

Wanna catch a play or a dance performance while you are in LaGrange? Don’t look any further, Lafayette Society of Performing Arts gives you just that.

Catch a mystifying performance in a play or enjoy watching a gracious dance of ballet or go for an electrifying singing performance, whatever you choose, the theatre and its artists are going to blow your mind away with their performances.

The theatre emphasizes on local artists and gradually hone their skills until they are perfect. The artists also put their energy, hard work, and their soul in their work and that’s visible in their performances too.

The events are organized throughout the year. Check their schedule to make sure they have something going on during the time of your visit.

Address: 214 Bull St., LaGrange, Georgia 30240

32. LaGrange Symphony Orchestra

Lagrange Symphony Orchestra

LaGrange Symphony Orchestra has seasons running from September through April and if you happen to be in the area during that time, then make sure you visit the place. It is heaven for music lovers.

Talented local artists come together to give you an everlasting musical memory. For more than 30 years, the Symphony Orchestra is entertaining the people of LaGrange and bringing the community together for a wonderful time.

Whether it is classical music performances or the modern musicals, artists demonstrate their amazing raw talent and well-executed versatility.

Through the Symphony Orchestra, the music scene in LaGrange is always alive. Witness the madness while you are in the area.

Valuable Tip: Book your tickets well in advance.

Address: 301 Church St, LaGrange, Georgia 30240

33. New Horizon Theatre

Curtains closed at New Horizon Theatre

Located in West Point downtown which is about 20 minutes away from LaGrange, New Horizon Theatre is a community theatre that hosts outstanding shows and plays.

The theatre produces a variety of shows throughout the year. Starting from Broadway musicals to quirky comedies to kid’s shows, they have everything.

The best part is all the performers are not paid artists, but volunteers. However, you would not even get to know looking at the level of performances they give.

The plays are well-made and will keep you engrossed till the performance is over.

It’s a great place for community theatre lovers at a very reasonable price. Do check out this place if you are in the area.

Address: 411 W. 8th Street, West Point, Georgia 31833

Best Places to Eat in LaGrange

34. A Taste of Lemon Restaurant

A Taste of Lemon Restaurant

A Taste of Lemon Restaurant is without a doubt, the most famous eatery in LaGrange and the restaurant does live up to the expectation and hype around it.

Located in an old church building with walls decorated with paintings from local artists and huge round tables at the center makes the setup look cool and relaxing.

The restaurant serves the best southern style homemade food that you will ever have. What else anyone would want in an eatery apart from super tasty food in a nice setup?

The menu is short but all the food items are prepared daily, hence they serve fresh. Try their salmon croquet, salad, vegetable plate, or chicken pot pie. Everything is delicious and flavorful.

The restaurant gets all the love from the residents and a trip to LaGrange would be incomplete if you miss out on the most recommended eatery.

Valuable Tip: The restaurant is open for lunch only and that too for quite a short duration. Moreover, it is always packed. So, prepare to arrive early to avoid wait time.

Address: 204 Morgan St, LaGrange, GA 30240

35. Venucci

Food at Venucci Restaurant, LaGrange

An upscale experience with authentic Italian cuisine, that’s what Venucci offers you on your visit.

Located in the heart of downtown, Venucci serves you the best Italian food, hands down. Large portions, unparalleled service, and delicious cuisine, they score excellently in all departments.

Try their lasagne, pasta dishes, salads for their unusual but yummy dressing, crusty bread in olive oil, and yeah don’t forget their desserts, all are too good and mouthwatering.

Whether it’s lunch or dinner but make sure to try this famous restaurant. Also, you would need to make reservations for the weekend because it’s usually packed.

Address: 129 Main St, LaGrange, Georgia 30240

36. Beacon Brewing Company

Beer sampling at Beacon Brewery

Even though more of a brewery, Beacon Brewing Company serves delicious food along with great beer.

The menu is creative and intriguing and the place gets hooked to you.

You can tour the brewery and even sample it. The beer is pretty good but the food is outstanding.

Try their tacos, bulgogi salad, smoked wings, potstickers, lobster, and crawfish salad roll. However, everything here tastes amazing and you won’t be disappointed by any food item.

For kids, they have different food options and lots of games to keep them busy while you sip your beer.

The atmosphere is casual and friendly and you will get a cool pub vibe as well. This is a secret gem of a place in LaGrange and asks for a visit.

Valuable Tip: It’s quite close to Great Wolf Lodge so if you happen to the area, check out this brewery.

Address: 700 Lincoln St, LaGrange, Georgia 30240

Best Places to Stay in LaGrange

Home2 Suites by Hilton LaGrange

It’s a beautiful new hotel which provides you all the needed amenities at a very fair price range.

With free breakfast, free internet, a great fitness center, an outdoor pool, and comfortable rooms, there is nothing more you can ask for.

The suites have a full refrigerator, dishwasher, dishes, and even a portable hookup on request. So, with a functional kitchen available, if you would like to cook something, you can.

In addition to that, you can enjoy evenings at the outdoor lounge area, featuring a patio and grills.

Address: 120 Timberwolf Drive, LaGrange, Georgia 30240

Airbnb Lake Home

If you are looking for a peaceful stay away from the city’s noise and right in the lap of nature, this Airbnb is perfect for you.

The house is huge and accommodates 6 guests. With 3 bedrooms and a great patio overlooking the lake is a great place to enjoy and unwind.

Enjoy the lake swimming, fishing, or paddling or just sit on the porch with a book. There is no dearth of options for enjoyment and that too private. They also have few kayaks available for your use and its a great place for bird watching too.

All in all, an awesome place for a perfect stay and is suitable for a large family.

Address: West Point, Georgia

You can also book a stay at the many camp houses mentioned above in this article or if you are looking for a cheaper yet comfortable stay, take a look at this Airbnb in LaGrange.

How to get there

If you are coming from far off places, then the best way to reach LaGrange is by flight. Take a flight to Atlanta because Atlanta is a major international airport and numerous flights operate between Atlanta and most of the cities. So, you stand a chance to get a dirt-cheap deal.

Once you land in Atlanta, rent a car at the airport and drive to LaGrange. it should take you just about an hour to reach here.

However, If you are coming from nearby places you don’t need to think much. Take out your car and just drive. It will be anytime a cheaper option.

Plan Your Travel

Because of its proximity to Atlanta and Columbus, LaGrange is usually a pitstop for many travelers. However, its closeness to West Point Lake area favors it the most in terms of visitors coming over from all nearby cities and enjoying the lake along with the city of LaGrange.

As you can see, there are so many things to cherish and enjoy in LaGrange. You may not be able to include all of the things in your itinerary however, you just need to plan wisely and you can cover a major chunk of all the tourist places in LaGrange.

Visit LaGrange for an ultimate memorable trip!

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If you are a mountain person, have you ever thought of visiting the beautiful city Billings (Montana)?

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